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The above interview questions and answers/tips are used for all project positions and job interview process (includes phone interview, second interview, behavioral interview…).

Job titles/field related: assistant, analyst, administrator, associate, auditor, administrative assistant, bookkeeper, clerk, coordinator, controller, consultant, director, executive, intern, manager, officer, office manager, rep, specialist, supervisor, staff, support, technician, trainee, assistant, audit, associate, asset, administrative, budget, billing, business, bank, branch, cost, certified public, church, chief, cash, corporate, cashier, deputy, district, debtors, entry level, executive, expenditure, entertainment, export, forensic, fund, financial, grants, general, government, hospital, hotel, house, internal, inventory, insurance, investment, industrial, junior, lease, logistics, ledger, loan, medical, management, manufacturing, ngo, non-profit, office, operations, oil gas, project, payroll, production, principle, property, public, revenue, real estate, restaurant, retail, staff, senior, sales, tax, warehouse, joint venture

How to Calculate Gross Margin

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Figure out how to calculate your gross margin in 60 seconds!

Let’s pretend you sell blender bottles and fancy beard oil. Maybe you cater to athletic lumberjacks. I don’t know. It could happen. We have a total sale of 0,000 for the blender bottle and one 0,000 for the beard oil. Total sales for the month are 250,000 dollars. To costs: ,000 for the oil and ,500 for your blender bottle. Meaning that you have ,500 in total costs. If you subtract your costs from your sales, you have 2,500 in what we call gross profit. Now, to figure out your gross margin, this is easy, you take your gross profit, 2,500, and you divide it by your total sales of 0,000. Now that gives you a percentage. In this case it’s 89%.

So what does that 89% mean? Well, for every dollar you sell in products, you get to keep 89 cents of that, to essentially pay for your business. See you next week!

And that’s it! That is how easy it is to figure out your gross margin!

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Marketing Tips for your Accounting Agency

Using Email Marketing To Grow Your Accounting Agency, Is The Easiest Way To Increase Bookings Today!
You would be stunned if you knew how many small business owners and other Accountants just like you still have not made the small investment of time required to grow their business using simple email marketing.

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses just like yours that would make more sales and money if they used email better in their business but they just do not have the knowledge to get a good email marketing program started.

In this day and age it is essential that anyone running a small business like yours not only has a big Online presence, but an amazing email marketing program automatically generating new leads and bookings everyday. Any Accounting Agency that does not have an email marketing program in place is losing customers and more importantly they are losing money.

If your Accounting Firm is ready to take the next step towards more bookings which quickly turn into more revenue, with less effort, listen carefully.

The most successful businesses today focus their efforts on building great relationships with existing customers. Your existing customers are like a vault full of money, just waiting for someone who knows how to crack the combination. Today’s consumer is always connected to the Internet. 83% of your customers get email on their mobile phones. You can reach those customers and turn downtime into profits with just a few of my easy to implement strategies.