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Five tips for inventory management

Melanie Power, Xero’s Head of Bookkeeping, knows keeping up with customer demand and effectively tracking your stock is extremely important for small business. In this video she shares her top five tips for inventory management.

Video transcript:

Here are my top five tips for running inventory.

Tip one: It’s time to get organized. Why not run a report and review your items that you have on hand and actually look at the things you need to delete or remove from your list so that you know that it’s current.

Tip number two: Let’s have a look at pricing. Look at what your pricing point is when you purchase your item, and what your sale price is when you sell it and make sure that you’ve got the correct margin set. After all, we’re all in small business to make some money.

Tip number three: Run regular reports. This is really great so that you can keep an idea of what’s going on with that your stock levels are. it’s always really useful to have those items on hand so that you can have them available to sell. It’s all about keeping our customers happy.

Tip number four: It’s all about efficiency. Why not take this opportunity now to review your process from when you purchase your item to when you sell it to make sure the process is effective and efficient. After all, time is money.

Tip number five: If you think you might need some help then why not talk to your advisor and help them to give you some assistance on implementation and what types of reports they can run.

Thanks for joining me today and have fun with inventory.

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