Accounting Predictions [2012 Exam Tips #14] (Leaving Cert)

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Eoin Jackson holds the record for having passed a record 27 subjects in the 2010 Leaving Cert. (17 of these subjects were at Higher Level). He co-founded the XLc Project in 1998, and has taught several subjects at LC Higher level. He has being doing predictions for many of the Leaving Cert subjects since 1999, and is pleased to continue doing them, as they prove so useful for the LC students.

“Exam Tips Part #14″ gives Eoin’s tips for how best to focus your last minute study in advance of the Accounting exam

The theme tune of the video is:-
“The XLc Song (Against ‘Most’ Odds)”.

It is a charity single that was recorded with the help of students from the XLc Project in Waterford.
(The lead singers on the recording are:- Dean O’Sullivan, Anthony Burchell, and Nicky Wicks)

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The intro theme & background music comes from a brand new rough demo called:-
“Follow your dreams”

The Feedback theme is called:-
“Not gone”

All the music in this comes from Waterford pop band LAMPH, and was written by Clodagh and Eoin Jackson.

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Leaving Certificate Predictions

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